Letting God Guide the Way: A Family Tradition

I submitted the following to Daily Guideposts in January, but alas the time has passed from when I would have heard back if it were to be accepted. So, I decided to post it here instead!

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – Psalm 119: 105 (ESV)

When I received my first Daily Guideposts, I was met with a mix of emotions. Excitement at getting a copy of my own. Sadness that I was now old enough to get my own. Every Christmas my great grandmother would give the upcoming year edition of Daily Guideposts to each family unit. We had one copy per household. In 2017, she passed away, but her son, my grandfather, kept the tradition going. Two Christmases later, I received my first, very own copy. My grandfather handed it to me in tears.

My great-grandmother was called Gee-gee, and not just by her grandchildren and great grandchildren, but by the neighborhood children too. She was a prankster, a comedian, a homestyle cook, the best hugger, an excellent story-teller, but most importantly a Godly woman. When I was little, I did not understand why we were given a book every Christmas as a family gift. I never read it, but I saw my parents do it. As I got older, I learned that my Gee-gee was one of the founding members of her church and an active one at that. I discovered that her gift every Christmas was her way of leading her family to God’s grace. She was a mentor to me, showing me how to serve, and I didn’t even realize it until after she was gone.

When my grandfather handed me my first ever Daily Guidepost at 22 years old, about to be a college graduate and out on my own, I was immediately reminded of my Gee-gee’s love and guidance. She may no longer be here on earth, but we all know she is in heaven. She lived her life bringing smiles to her family and community, and she also delivered the Gospel through her actions. I miss her, and it brought tears to my eyes as I turned the first page of my Daily Guidepost. When I see it on my nightstand, I think of her and her courageous love for our Savior and her family. It also reminds me that even though I did not live during the time Jesus walked this earth, He is always with us. His love and teaching surrounds us every day. He sent messengers like my great-grandmother to remind us we are never alone and that Jesus is not only the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but He is all we need to guide our path.

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