You Got A Friend In Me

The other day I grabbed lunch with a good friend that I had not seen in years. We met when I was twelve on a softball team, but once that team dissolved our lives got busy and it was hard to meet up.

I’m ashamed I didn’t make more of an effort to see her until now because after our lunch, I had forgotten how awesome of a friend she was and how much I missed talking to her. The worst part? She basically lives down the street from me. That’s how busy both of our lives have been. We struggled to find time to hangout because of all the distracting things this world throws at us everyday.

I was buzzing the rest of the day after talking to my long lost friend for almost two hours. I was just so happy! It made me want to catch up with other friends I haven’t seen in so long. I have met up with a few friends this summer, which is usually a struggle for me. I have the intentions, but scheduling time proves to be harder than I thought it would be. It also got me to thinking about something else.

You know, it’s wonderful to have friendships you can pick up where you left them after six months or years even. It’s great to know you may not talk to someone everyday, but that they will always be there. God blesses our lives with some amazing people who will have our backs even when we don’t see them 24/7. But…

The one who will always be there, someone who we don’t see, but who we should talk to everyday?


Of course, He will be there to listen if we haven’t prayed in awhile. But He doesn’t want the friendships we have here on earth. He wants a daily relationship, and He deserves our communication! He deserves that loyal dedication to Him on a regular basis.

That feeling we get after meeting up with a long time friend could be an everyday feeling by just praying to God each single day. It’s that simple. It won’t be easy because this world does pull us in all sorts of distractions. The devil gets craftier every second, but we have to stay constant and keep the line of communication open with our God.

When my friends graduated this past year from university, I promised to stay more in touch with each of them. And so far, I have been a better communicator. I pray I can keep it up and keep those friendships strong, even if I don’t text someone each day.

However, I pray that my relationship with God grows even stronger by putting Him first. Making Him that friend I do contact each day! God is not only the best friend you will ever have, but He’s our Father. I tend to talk to my mom and boyfriend the most on a daily basis, and I should be talking to God even more than I do them. It’s hard because I can’t physically see God to talk to Him, but He is always there 24/7 for us. It’s time we put in the work to be loyal servants to Him.

James 5:16 says Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

Prayer works, and sometimes you may not even have a prayer request. Sometimes you just need to talk to God, tell Him about your day. Sure, He already knows EVERYTHING, but He still wants to hear it from you anyway.

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